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Going Beyond a Fresh Face

At LMS Interiors, we realize that a visually stunning home means nothing unless it’s healthy and comfortable. In addition to a great look. LMS Interiors can uniquely deliver clean air and pure, great tasting water to give you the entire package.

We’re proud to offer the ultimate in whole house air and water purity systems that combine natural environmental processes with state-of-the art technology. Not only are these products easy to use, cost-effective and convenient, they will enhance the
health and quality of life indoors for your entire family.

Enjoy an unlimited selection of “trade-only” products unavailable to the general public. Tap into our established relationships with dependable tradespeople and skilled artisans.


Services Include:

bulletColor Advice and Selection
bulletCustom Window Fashions
bulletWall Finishes
bulletArt & Accessories

Fresh air systems:

The purification technology in our products reduces contaminants and bacteria on surfaces without chemicals.  Eliminates smoke odors without coverups.

Living water systems:

bullet Remove dangerous micro-organisms
bullet Cleanse 99% of all particles one micron or larger
bullet Improve water taste Provide refreshing water at the tap, 24hrs a day

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Interior Design Myth #2
Using an interior designer will cost you more money.

Fact: A professional designer will help you spend your decorating dollars wisely.  
The designer will avoid costly mistakes by anticipating problems that most people would easily miss.  Myth #3...


How clean is your air & water?


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